HA-ON (Heb. הָאוֹן; "strength"), kibbutz on the eastern shore of Lake Kinneret, Israel, south of ein gev , affiliated with Ihud ha-Kevuẓot ve-ha-Kibbutzim, founded in 1949. Some of its members are Israel-born, and others came from Eastern Europe and other countries. Until the six-day war (June 1967) the kibbutz was constantly exposed to the Syrian gun emplacements directly above it on the Golan Plateau. Its farming included bananas, date palms, fruit orchards, field crops, carp ponds, and dairy farming. Ha-On was also a partner in the Lake Kinneret fishing cooperative and ran a metal factory. One of its economic mainstays was a holiday village with 96 guest rooms, a private beach, and special attractions like an ostrich farm, bird center, and paintball. In 2002 its population was 191. -WEBSITE: www.sites.tzofit.co.il/haoneng . (Efraim Orni)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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